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Welcome to Comstock docs.


The first motivation for Comstock is to preserve complicated command to the cloud. For many people, simpliest way for storing complicated command is "copy & paste". And in most cases, they're using online memo tools such as Evernote,, etc. It is kind of annoying work to make copy and paste commands to the online memo service, as you may know already, because we are not good at mouse manipulating ("Damn, forget to copy the last character!"), or remembering which commands are in which. (Most cases, you don't remember the command and this make you more difficult to search it) I want a simple tool that can store your prefavor command with simple way, just type "command save". And this is why I started comstock! Comstock provides you the simplest way to storing your commands avoiding annoying procedures.


At this moment, Comstock requires go to run. After you install go, please run the command below.
$ go get

Getting started

After you install comstock, creating account for the colud. Visit here, you'll see the email and password registration.

The very first step for using comstock is to login your account. Run the command below.

$ comstock login
Your registered email address? :
And password? :
Authentification success.
If it was the very first time to run comstock command, it'll also create it's dedicated directory, which is $HOME/.comstock.

Now, run any command you want to store. For example, ls. And then, hit comstock save. It'll store your command.

$ ls
$ comstock save 

You can refer your stored commands with comstock list.

$ comstock list
1: ls

You can fetch specific commands by running the command below.

$ comstock get 1